*Can I pay my bill over the phone?

Call 1-844-956-1381 to Pay by Phone.

*Can I have services turned off or turned on the same day the request is made?

Connects and Disconnects must be scheduled by 3:00 PM for the service to be completed the same day. After hours services are available for an additional fee.

*What are the policies and procedures for delinquent accounts and turn off day?

Payment must be received no later than the start of business on turn off day. Any account on the cut off list will be assessed a cut off list administration fee of $35.00. All balances including fees must be paid no later than 3:00 PM in order for services to be restored the same day. If you pay online or in the drop, it is the customers responsibility to contact the office to insure reinstatement of services.

After a delinquent account has been cut off, the account will be closed if all balances and fees are not paid within 7 days. All funds, including advanced payments, will be applied to any balances or fees remaining on the account.

Once the account is closed out the customer must come into the office to restore services. Any remaining balances, a new advance payment and/or charges incurred after being closed such as water usage, tampering, etc., will have to be paid at the time of sign up.


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